How To Become A Successful Designer

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Triple Your Income Working 10-20 hours a Week Wherever You Want

The book consists of 5 chapters that cover main areas of remote life and business.

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Book Contents

00. Introduction

01. Finances

Cash flows

Do you Need a Business Plan?

Financial Grammar

Money Attitude

Money is an Energy

02. Sales

Personal Branding

How a Niche Makes Things Easier

Unique Services

How To Find Clients

What Are The Types of Clients?

Commercial Design Tips

Competitive Prices Concept

Building Great Client Relationships

Site Portfolio

Good Content Sells Better

How to Get Good Testimonials

How to Stop Searching for Clients

Why Process is Very Important

03. Mindset


A Positive Way of Living


Proactivity Is an Ingredient for Success

Luck Is a Myth

Tactical Thinking

Strategically Thinking

04. Lifestyle

Design, Business, and Life


What Is Being A Minimalist?

Where to Get Energy and How to Manage Everything

Movement is Life

Time Management For Creatives

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How To Become A Successful Designer

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